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Ranking the top 80 outfielders in fantasy baseball for 2010

We’ve discussed a lot of outfielders so far, and this 20 ends the official ADP rankings part of the conversation.

Most every player in this 20 will be drafted this season and all of them will be rostered at some point. However, there are a few that are more exciting than the others.

Rankings are ADP based. Comments are there to prove or disprove the ADP. Projections are there to make things more exciting.

For your convenience, here are all the outfield rankings so far: Top 20 | 40 | 60 | 80 | Bonus Round

61. Cameron Maybin — To tier this level of player is almost a disservice to the rest of the field. But because of his upside, Maybin is the kind of player to take a chance on this late in the game. His spring groin injury seems minor. Projections: 65/10/55/15/.280

62. Dexter Fowler — Remember that upside thing I talked about a paragraph ago? Fowler’s 24, Maybin’s 23 and the Rockies centerfielder will produce more than the Marlins prospect. Projections: 75/5/50/30/.280

63. Chase Headley — An interesting selection, mostly because he’s also eligible at 3B and only 26 this season. He’s not expected to produce great numbers, but the Kouzmanoff trade guarantees that he’ll get ABs. Projections: 70/15/70/10/.275

64. Scott Hairston — Likely to share center field with Tony Gwynn Jr. this season. That’s not a vote of confidence. 55/20/55/5/.260

65. Josh Willingham — He’ll be 31 this season and if he wasn’t competing with someone like Adam Dunn for ABs, he’d be a better option. Projections: 75/20/75/5/.260

66. JD Drew — The shoulder is healthy, but this is JD Drew, the next injury is probably happening as I type this. Projections: 80/20/80/5/.270

67. Magglio Ordonez — Those seasons with 30 homers, 100 RBIs and a .300 batting average are distant memories. Ordonez will be 36 this season. Projections: 70/15/85/1/.310

68. Cody Ross — The jammed thumb he’s been fighting this preseason will be fine and he’s starting in right field for the Marlins. Projections: 70/25/80/5/.270

69. Drew Stubbs — After Maybin and Fowler, maybe even before them, I’d consider Stubbs. The 26-year-old outfielder has a full-time gig and could produce elite steals. Projections: 85/10/50/35/.270

70. Marlon Byrd — He’s starting in center field for the Cubs, but why he’s being picked ahead of Kyle Blanks or Conor Jackson is a question I have no answer for. Projections: 65/15/70/5/.280

71. Kyle Blanks — Isn’t upside dericious? That’s a rhetorical “?” by the way. Blanks hit six homers in just 75 bats in one of the pitcherest of pitcher parks in the majors last season. Fist base elgibility is a bonus. Projections: 75/25/80/1/.270

72. Jack Cust — At age 31 this season, FanGraphs refers to Cust’s abilities as old people skills and warns about a decline. Projections: 75/25/75/1/.245

73. Matt LaPorta — At 25, LaPorta hasn’t even made it into his prime yet. He’s got the starting left field gig and is one of Cleveland’s top prospects. He would have started at first if they hadn’t picked up Russell Branyan. Projections: 65/20/70/1/.270

74. Conor Jackson — Cured off the Valley Fever, Jackson could bring .300 and 85 RBIs this season. Let’s be a little more realistic with the projections, but understand that improvement is likely. Projections: 65/10/70/5/.280

75. David DeJesus — He’s 30 this season and still as unexciting as ever. Projections: 80/10/65/5/.285

76. Milton Bradley — Maybe Seattle’s a good change for Bradley. Maybe we’ll get more of Milton just being Milton. Projections: 70/15/65/5/.280

77. Chris Young — Don’t give up on Young yet. He’s only a couple seasons removed from 85/32/27/68 and will be 26 for most of the season. There are few players this late who have the potential to contribute in so many categories in 2010. These projections feel real pessimistic. Projections: 70/20/70/15/.240

78. Luke Scott — Like so many players on this list, expect 20-25 homers and runs and RBIs in the 60s to 70s. Scott could easily hit more homers than are being predicted here. Projections: 65/20/70/1/.260

79. Melky Cabrera — Doubt the trade to Atlanta will make Melky any more valuable than he was in New York. He’ll be 26 in August so there’s still room for improvement, but don’t expect it. Projections: 65/10/60/10/.280

80. Scott Podsednik — An interesting player to round out the top 80. Typically, speedsters slow down as they age and Podsednik will be 34 this season — that’s why the Royals only gave him one year guaranteed to patrol center field. However, give him 400 or more at-bats and a repeat of his 30 steals from 2009 is very likely. Projections: 55/5/35/20/.275

There are a lot of outfielders and, in turn, a lot of bonus round players. They’ll get their own listing.

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