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Ranking the Top 81+ outfielders in fantasy baseball in 2010

So, we’ve gone pretty deep with these outfielders. Here are a couple more. They’re mostly unexciting, but they’ll be rostered by you or someone in your league at some point this season.

A couple of them might disappoint. Remember back to before 2009 and Ben Zobrist was merely an afterthought, too.

There will be a handful of prospects that dynasty-leaguers should draft right around the same time — if not before — these players. We’ll get to them very soon.

As for now, the outfielders bonus round. (OF rankings: Top 20 | 40 | 60 | 80 | 81+

Delmon Young — One of the few full-time starters on this list. Young’s projections aren’t terribly exciting but he’s only a few years removed from top-prospect expectations. Projections: 60/10/70/10/.300

Matt Joyce — Joyce is in a right field platoon with Gabe Kapler, but could still pop 20 homers. Projections: 50/15/55/8/.255

Lastings Milledge — Playing for the Pirates, Milledge will lonly be 25 this season. He was a fairly exciting prospect with the Mets a few years ago. Don’t count him out yet. Projections: 55/10/55/15/.280

Jeff Francouer — It seems like the thumb surgery he had in November is healed. At 26, Francouer is entering his prime. Projections: 75/20/80/5/.275

Brett Gardner — With Melky Cabrera (traded to Atlanta) and Johnny Damon (FA to Detroit) out of the picture, left field is Gardner’s to lose. Projections: 70/5/35/30/.270

Kosuke Fukodome — Fukodome is starting in right field at age 33. His top competition is Xavier Nady. Projections: 785/10/60/5/.260

Ben Francisco — The backup at all three outfield spots, Francisco also looks like the player that will benefit most because of injury or during interleague play. Projections: 60/15/50/10/.270

Ryan Raburn — Damon’s signing made sure Raburn wouldn’t have a starting job, however, Damon’s not going to play every day. Projections: 65/20/65/10/.275

Austin Jackson — Will definitely be on the prospects list. He’s been one of the Yankees top prospects for a couple years. He’s starting in center for the Tigers this season at age 23, so we’ll see what he can do with significant playing time. Projections: 60/5/55/20/.290

Michael Brantley — The second of three consecutive 23-year-olds on this list, Brantley has a similar skill set to Jackson. He’s backing up Indians outfielders in left and center, but check out those steals predictions. Projections: 60/5/45/36/.280

Gerardo Parra — As the primary backup in all three outfield spots for the Diamondbacks, Parra, 23, will get some opportunities. He likely won’t do much with them, but he’s young an still could make significant strides. Projections: 60/10/60/15/.290

Randy Winn — At age 36, Winn is closer to the end of his career than the beginning and he’s got a backup role in left field for the Yankees. So, given an opportunity in that lineup — whether due to injury or inconsistency — he could produce some useable fantasy statistics. Projections: 60/10/50/15/.275

Seth Smith — Smith turns 28 in September. He’s got Carlos Gonzalez to compete with in left field and he’s the third-stringer in right. Gonzalez seems like a better option now, but given enough of an oopportunity, Smith could easily outproduce these predictions. Projections: 60/15/50/5/.290

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