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Running back receiving matchups for Week 15: Sleepers and busts

We should have high confidence in these matchups.

We’re only talking about matchups that meet good/bad matchup criteria for the whole season, the last five weeks and the last three weeks. If a matchup doesn’t fit in all three categories, then it has to have a significant number in the last-five-weeks and last-three-weeks.

The players are ordered based on season-long adjusted fantasy points allowed. The numbers next to the names are fantasy points allowed by position and the NFL rank in that category in the last five weeks. For receivers we’ve included the yards the defense has allowed per game to that receiver type.

Week 15 projections

Week 15 matchups: PASS | RUN | WR1 | WR2 | WR3/4 | TE | RB (Rec.)

Top running back matchups

Isaiah Crowell vs. Cincinnati — 33.2 fantasy points allowed, 2nd — Crowell helped me have one of my biggest weeks of the season last week at Draft Kings. He deserves a place in your lineup this week.

Matt Forte vs. New Orleans — 34.6, 1st — Forte with a matchup like this is unfair.

Jamaal Charles vs. Oakland — 26.1, 10th — See, one line above. Replace “Forte” with “Charles.”

Chris Johnson/Chris Ivory vs. Tennessee — 30.0, 4th — I hate to recommend these guys because I could see them dropping some hot mess on your final score. But the matchup is there. Ivory is the more likely goal line runner but Johnson is the home-run hitter. Relatively speaking, of course.

Justin Forsett vs. Jacksonville — 29.7, 5th

Worst running back matchups

Toby Gerhart/Storm Johnson/Jordan Todman vs. Baltimore — 18.4, 9th — You weren’t starting any of these guys anyway, right?

Ryan Mathews vs. Denver — 18.2 points, 12th

Matt Asiata/Joe Banyard/Ben Tate vs. Detroit — 17.2, 5th

Lamar Miller vs. New England — 14.2, 2nd

C.J. Anderson vs. San Diego — 15.2, 3rd — Anderson is always a threat to score three TDs, but his rushing yardage should be down this game, making him a risky play in cash games.

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