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Seeking awesome fantasy team names

We’re working on a cool new project and we need help from the Ninja Army.

In the comments, please post the favorite fantasy team name you’ve ever used and the favorite one you’ve ever seen used by an opponent.

If you remember, please specify if the name was used in a fantasy baseball or a fantasy football league.

81 Responses to “Seeking awesome fantasy team names”

  1. Sockonfl

    Fantasy Football:

    My Favorite one I used was Elysburg Eels

    My Favorite one an oppenent used was Breaston Largements

  2. ep

    @Sockonfl: Thanks for the nominations.
    I’m only going to provide my name because my favorites are all in the leagues I play in and hopefully a lot of those folks post here.

    The favorite one I used was Rabid Lemurs.
    I’ve used it in both sports, but it originated in Fantasy Baseball.

  3. Consigliere

    Romo Sexuals…fantasy football… nuff said

  4. Jon

    ItburnswhenIPeavy… hilarious

  5. jzak

    Favorite fantasy football team name I’ve seen:
    Amish Rake Fighters

    Favorite fantasy baseball team name I’ve seen:
    Honey Nut Ichiros

    My favorite team name:
    I usually used Paige’s PicklePackers after my daughter and because it just has a ring to it when you say it out loud, but I’m nominating my other fantasy alter ego name: the Schizophrenic Smurfs

  6. Rob

    I liked the one I saw last year, Roid Rage

  7. Christian

    Ego Bruisers because no one likes to lose to a girl (wife’s team name)

  8. Jay-Mo

    This one is tough for me as I usually go the uncreative route and pick some combinaton of player names from the teams I root for … i.e. Carter Mosebys, Cito Alomars, Duper de Henne and Csonka Warfields.

    The one I’d throw out there is Canseco’s Pool Party for a baseball team I had a few years back when Canseco’s book came out detaling his steroid evenings with Clemens and his wife by the pool.

    A new one I’d thought of earlier today – Big Ben’s Wing Men – whatta think? Feel free to use it, especially in leagues with diehard Steelers fans!

    The best one I ever saw was a football team in a Sporting News League I was in four or five years ago … Oops, My Dick Jauron Out My Pants

  9. Phillip

    Sandyhook Spidermonkeys was a team a friend named before Talladega Nights and the dinner scene.

  10. ep

    Everyone, thanks for the submissions.

  11. Guest

    Hey!!! That’s my Dick Jauron

  12. arrowman44

    Ebby Calvins

  13. Austin Seiler

    Putz A Rod in your Pujols

  14. Denny

    I had a couple of teams last year I named Utley’s Hip

  15. Cliff

    This is by far the best team name I have ever seen.

    Justin Porneau

  16. Derek

    These are the names I use:

    Football: GridIron Gods
    Baseball: Sultans of Swat

  17. fred

    two favorite team names I have used:

    1. Grateful Fred

    2. Sultans of Swing

  18. ksweat

    Hamel’s Toe

  19. ep

    These are all fantastic. Some that I’ve gotten from e-mail:

    In Sod We Trust

    Roidger’s Ragers

    Ron Mexico’s Herpes

  20. Guest

    Ease it in, don’t Forsett!

  21. Blake

    Romo Witten His Pants
    Stinky Pujols

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    […] (Injured closer: Bobby Jenks) — Bobby Jenks’ inflamed calf — which would make a fantastic team name, by the way — was worrisome in mid-March, but he’s been effective in a couple games […]

  23. Guest

    Chad lost his Johnson

  24. Andy

    One from a league I played in last year:

    The Ellsbury Doughboys

  25. Bryan

    Here are some creative ones (some stolen from the web) in the league I’m in…

    Erin Andrus
    Big League Choo
    Stephen Wietersburg
    Granderson Theft Auto
    Coyote Utley

    and a few from basketball I enjoyed…

    Durant Jemima
    Maggette and Meatballs
    Veal Scalabrine

    good thread!

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