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Shortstops to target in your 2010 fantasy baseball drafts

For all the nitty, gritty nuts and bolts of what to expect from shortstops and your upcoming fantasy baseball draft, you can check out our extensive shortstop composite and ADP rankings.

However, we know how valuable your time is. The significant other has a springtime honey-do list a mile long and the MLB season is fast approaching. Don’t worry, we have your back.

Below is our Cliffs Notes (or Readers Digest, if you insist) version of shortstop draft prep. The specific players ep and jzak are targeting in 2010 fantasy baseball drafts.

Early-Round Picks

Hanley Ramirez: Consensus pick by both ep and myself here. Can’t ask for a better combination of statistics. I personally would take him first overall, as I mention in my NL-East preview. Ep has a good discussion going about the first overall pick.

Ep: Jose Reyes: Ready for a bounce-back season until thyroid issues seemed to put a jinx on things. However, Reyes continues to fall in drafts because of the thyroid scare, and he’s nearing a point in drafts where he could have some definite value. He will miss some time to start the season, but at least he’s back participating in baseball activities seemingly quicker than most thought.

Jzak: Jimmy Rollins: Another bounce-back candidate, Rollins has plenty of protection in that vaunted offensive lineup and has the ability to produce solid stats across the board. Considering the shallowness of the position and if you can snag him in the late-second, early-third round in 10 to 12-team leagues, than you should do it and don’t look back.

Middle-Round Picks

Asdrubal Cabrera: There are a bunch of shortstops that will be picked in the middle rounds that will probably under-produce Cabrera this season. People seem to forget how good he was in limited action last season and he has valuable multiple-position eligibility to boot.

Ep: Elvis Andrus: Won’t do much for your power numbers, but Andrus could produce elite stats on the basepaths and still goes much later than he should at a shallow position, especially considering how young he is and what he could do with some more seasoning/maturity.

Jzak: Yunel Escobar: He proved in 2009 that his 2008 “breakout” wasn’t a fluke. He has hovered right around .300 over the past three seasons and while he doesn’t offer a ton of speed, he is a decent power option with upside potential. I don’t know if I’d be pumped about owning him, but he is a better value than his average draft position suggests.

Late-Round Picks

Alcides Escobar: First of two consensus late-round targets at shortstop, Escobar is one of many reasons I’m excited for the Brewers in 2010 and beyond. As with Cabrera, Escobar is going to be more of a speed option than a power threat, but he has gone deep this spring and plays in an incredibly talented offensive lineup.

Everth Cabrera: His 73 minor league steals in 2008 are an indication of what is to come with this young player that many are overlooking in drafts. I already own him in most every league I’ve drafted as a post-panic safety valve.

Who are you targeting at shortstop in 2010 fantasy drafts? We’d love to hear your comments in the section below!

6 Responses to “Shortstops to target in your 2010 fantasy baseball drafts”

  1. Keith

    Where is Tulo? He should be at least #2.

  2. jzak

    Both ep and I are fond of Tulowitzki. He’s pretty high in our rankings for shortstops. We’re just not considering him one of our must-have shortstop targets in various drafts.

  3. ep

    I just happily overpayed for Tulowitzki in an auction draft Saturday.

    Tulo is going high in most drafts, but has some downside risk on him — he never had even eight steals in the minors, let alone 20 and he never reached 25 homers before last season when he hit 32.

    Like I said above, I’m drafting him, but there’s risk you could be overpaying for career-year type numbers.

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