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Staff sleepers: Chinstrap Ninja writers share their 2010 favorite running back value players

Like a back-to-school teen trying to stay ahead of the fashion curve, fantasy football owners need to keep tabs on player values … getting guys before they’re the next big thing.

We’ve published more than 100 pages of exclusive fantasy football advice, strategies, rankings and … sleepers.

While there may be plenty of question about what constitutes a true “sleeper,” the common consensus is that fantasy football success is tied directly to finding good value players via your draft, trades, waiver wire moves, etc.

So, as one last series to assist our faithful readers, we polled some of our writers, asking them to give us their favorite sleeper at each position and a paragraph each explaining why. Below, we share our favorite running back sleepers

jzak: Bernard Scott

Twice last season, Scott’s number was called to carry the rock more than 15 times in a game. He went 18-for-87 against Cleveland in Week

12 and 21-for-119 in Week 11 against Oakland. Sure, those performances were against less-than-stellar defenses, but Scott is for real. Cedric Benson is one all-nighter away from serious Roger Goodell-induced penalties. Benson shocked the fantasy world by producing consistently last year, this time, he returns to form and Scott is the starter in Cincy by year’s end.

ep: Kareem Huggins

Picked Huggins in front of Chinstrap Ninja Arkham in a draft this week. “I didn’t even know what a Kareem Huggins was two weeks ago,” he jibed via e-mail. I figure he skulked off muttering cusses under his breath. Huggins is the No. 2ish and in some circles … Chinstrap Ninjas commenter Mike, Football Guys, Mock Draft Central, to name a few … soon-to-be No. 1 running back in Tampa, in case you didn’t know.

Consigliere: Marshawn Lynch

Bam Fred Jackson is hurt and C.J. Spiller wont be able to carry the load all on his own. Lynch is one year removed from back-to-back 1,000-plus rushing seasons and eight touchdowns. He will be able to be had as a RB4 in many formats and could project to be a solid No. 2 running back. He has the skill and the talent to be a top back now, he just needs the playing time, and I think he will get that this year.

jaymo: Michael Bush

I’m not a big YPC guy, unless you see a consistent drop from season-to-season. In this case, Bush has had a steady 4.6 avg in his two years in the NFL. In addition, Darren McFadden doesn’t pose much a threat and Jason Campbell provides a major upgrade at QB, who will definitely keep the chains moving more so than last season. That means more touches for Bush. Editor’s Note: This was written prior to the Michael Bush injury.

krause: Justin Forsett

You want Forsett on your roster in 2010. He’s speedy, agile, elusive and can run between the tackles. With game-changing ability, there’s no telling how good Forsett might be with a full time starting roll. In the four games Forsett was given double-digit carries in 2009, he ran 63 times for 397 yards, a 6.4 yards per carry average. Huge potential, huge upside!

sockonfl: Arian Foster

I initially had Ben Tate as my sleeper running back. I now am on the Arian Foster bandwagon hot and heavy. The fantasy magazines all have him ranked tremendously low, so if you are in a league where all the guys follow the mags advice and don’t do their due diligent preseason homework, you might be able to get him on the cheap. This guy in basically 3 games last year had 54 carries for 257 yards, three TDs and 8 catches for 93 yards. Those stats project to 1,371 yards rushing 16 TDs and 42 rec for 496 yards. I wouldn’t expect those numbers, of course, but you can see he could be in for a monster season.

Brohamma: Ahmad Bradshaw

Here’s a quick question for you. How old is Ahmad Bradshaw? Seems like he’s been around for awhile doesn’t it? He’s only 24. Bradshaw compiled close to 1,000 combined yards last year while playing with two injured feet and a bum ankle …  all of which had surgery during the offseason. Bradshaw simply outplayed Jacobs last year and the coaching staff will look to build on that. I expect Bradshaw to see 16-20 carries per game with an additional 4-5 receptions thrown in. If you have doubts about his burst, I’d suggest you take a look at the 50yd. reception he had versus the Jets in their first preseason game. There are Jets players still out there on the field looking for their jocks. Projection: 1100yds. rushing 400yds. receiving 9 TDs

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Who is your top sleeper RB? Make a case for him in the comments below.

4 Responses to “Staff sleepers: Chinstrap Ninja writers share their 2010 favorite running back value players”

  1. ep

    Another awesome list guys. Sockonfl and I had a bidding war over Arian Foster in the Daily Item reader league because we’re on the same page. Not only was he impressive last season, Foster has impressed this preseason. The offense gives defensive coordinators nightmares as it is.

    Bradshaw’s my No. 2 RB in that same league. Relying on a sleeper to be a starter is always a little hairy, but I like him to be awesome this year.

  2. Krause

    I like Kareem Huggins. didn’t hear about him until after I posted my picks. the more I read about him, the more I want to own him. I suppose it’s too late to change my pick?

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