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Staff sleepers: Chinstrap Ninja writers share their favorite 2010 quarterback value picks

Like stock market gurus looking for the next big thing, we here at chinstrapninjas are all about helping you find great value in your respective fantasy football leagues.

We’ve published more than 100 pages of exclusive fantasy football advice, strategies, rankings and … sleepers.

While there may be plenty of question about what constitutes a true “sleeper,” the common consensus is that fantasy football success is tied directly to finding good value players via your draft, trades, waiver wire moves, etc.

So, as one last series to assist our faithful readers, we polled some of our writers, asking them to give us their favorite sleeper at each position and a paragraph each explaining why. Below are the quarterback sleepers provided:

jzak: Alex Smith

I love me some Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan, among others, this year as value signal callers in fantasy. Not sure I’d consider them sleepers considering their continued climb up draft boards. However, it amazes me how often Smith is nearly forgotten on draft day. Sure he’s young and still maturing. Sure, there are questions lingering. But which QB outside of Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have questions? Smith is going to air it out plenty this year as the 49ers play a fairly easy slate of games and need to establish its passing game to reduce wear and tear on Frank Gore. He has a young, potent crop of weapons at his disposal. Gore and newly acquired Brian Westbrook are solid options out of the backfield, too. I have no problem using Smith as my QB2 (with QB1 upside) this season.

jaymo: Chad Henne

He is a popular sleeper pick, and for good reason. Henne didn’t seem scared last season, and even lit up New England for 335 yards and 2 TDs, as well as back-to-back 300-yd games against TEN and HOU. If the Fins can get some production out of the TE, then Henne could produce Top 10 numbers. The drawbacks: Miami is a run-first team and faces a brutal schedule, especially in September.

ep: Kyle Orton

Any player picked in the sixth or seventh round is no sleeper. Orton’s got a 14th-round ADP and is in his second season in Josh McDaniels’ system. Is he a sure thing? No. But “sleepers” aren’t supposed to be.

sockonfl: Joe Flacco

If you do some simple math and add Anquan Boldin’s average stats the last 3 years and subtract out Mark Clayton’s average stats the last three year to Joe Flacco’s 2009 stats you would get a QB with 4,113 yards and 26 TD’s. I would take that out of a late-round QB anytime. Plus you add to that the fact he has had another year to mature and he completes over 60% of passes. What’s not to love?

Consigliere: Matthew Stafford

Johnson, Scheffler, and Best, o my. Well he has all the weapons, the city is behind him and the coaching staff believes in him. With Best, teams will not be able to focus on the pass against him and will allow him to get better coverage for his receivers. Also, the offense has mismatches all over the field with Best on a LB and Scheffler on a LB and Calvin Johnson vs anyone. He had decent games last year, and this year I see him really dialing up.

krause: Chad Henne

In 13 starts, Henne threw for close to 3,000 yards. Now add Brandon Marshall, and you have upside, my friends. Henne has a rocket arm and excellent poise in the pocket. With a year of NFL experience as a starter, expect Henne to come out of hiding and prove he belongs. Don’t be afraid to reach here, as it will pay off.

Brohamma: Eli Manning

I know, not much of a “sleeper” to many, but tell me how many have him chalked up as a top 10 quarterback this year? Their QB1? I believe that the ADP for “Lil Manning,” is ridiculously low in comparison to his potential output. Consider a couple of things and I think you will change your mind. 1) Eli showed that he could lead this team even while playing injured last year … that counts to all those guys on the offensive side of the ball. 2) Yea, the offensive line was truly “offensive.” however, they are once again healthy and looking to send the message that they are back. 3) Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks, “Super” Mario Manningham, and Kevin Boss. Perhaps one of the best “emerging” group of receivers in the NFL. 4) Coughlin is on the hot-seat and he’s not a fool. Manning is going to be given the chances to make some big plays with his young receiving corps and I fully expect the yolk to be removed from Eli. Projection: 4700yds. 35TD’s 19INT’s 6 300yd. games.

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Who is your top sleeper QB? Make a case for him in the comments below.

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  1. ep

    Great list guys. I really like Manning as a mid-round value. He’s my No. 1 QB on two teams.

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