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Stafford signs with Lions and my last minute draft thoughts

Stafford allegedly signed a six-year deal worth $41.7 million in guarantees and $78 million overall. One quarterback isn’t going to change the fortunes of an 0-16 team, especially this year since the Lions have verbally committed to keeping Stafford off the field and learning from the sidelines. Of course, that stance may change as the season progresses. From a fantasy standpoint, however, Calvin Johnson owners in dynasty leagues have to be at least somewhat excited as should help CJ. If Johnson can produce solid stats during last year’s debacle, things have to get better.

As far as the draft in general, I’m not one to really watch college football as closely as I should, and I’m not going t wow anyone with some snappy draft/fantasy implication pieces. Jay-Mo is the chinstrap ninjas version of Mel Kiper and ep knows much more about the talent than I ever will. However, I do know the following:

1.  As usual, there are enough rumors of major trades and draft shake-up scenarios to choke a small goat. However, expect there to be much less brouhaha on draft day than most people think. There already is talk that the Braylon Edwards to the Giants deal is dead. More recent rumors say that Boldin wants and will stay in Arizona. Numerous teams are rumored to be trying to move up to draft Mark Sanchez, but as much as the Jets and other teams really need a QB, the Redskins ar e the ones who historically make big moves like this, and historically end up shooting themselves in the foot, but we’ll see. There will be trades, there will be some draft shakeups, just don’t expect NFL team armageddon during the draft.

2. One of many storylines worth watching is how far receiver Michael Crabtree falls. Rumors are circulating that he could fall as far as 10th overall to the 49ers. Even Oakland, the scrapyard of broken NFL dreams, is rumored to be looking past Crabtree to other receivers. Peter King made a comment that makes my skin crawl. He said that if Crabtree falls far enough, the Packers may consider taking him with the No. 9 pick. As a Packers fan, I should be excited at the possibility that Green Bay could get such a potential offensive playmakers — however, it wasn’t the receiving corps that doomed the Packers’ playoff dreams last season, it was the defense.

3. I’m not an Eagles fan — I can’t even pretend to be one. However, I am intrigued in what they do with their first-round pick (No. 21). They desperately need a playmaker receiver to go opposite DeSean Jackson. If I was overseeing operations, I’d do whatever it takes to land Boldin — including giving up the first-round pick if necessary (although rumors state that the Cardinals would consider a second-round selection). The Eagles, like the Giants, are teams built to win now, and the Eagles in particular (although the Giants fit the bill) are one receiver short from being Super Bowl candidates, in my opinion. I personally think they already suffered two strikes this offseason — in not landing TJ Houshmandzadeh a few months ago and missing out in the Tony Gonzalez situation (all it took was a second-round pick in 2010 — what did the Eagles offer that was beat by that, a pack of Chiclets?). If the Eagles whiff this weekend, than McNabb has every reason to pout. Rumors are that the Eagles have three different strategies — go with the best RB available to back up an aging Brian Westbrook, take the best receiver available, for obvious reasons, or take the best TE option in this year’s draft: Pettigrew. We’ll see in less than 24 hours.

3 Responses to “Stafford signs with Lions and my last minute draft thoughts”

  1. Sockonfl

    I think the Stafford selection by Detroit is a mistake. I am not saying that Stafford may not pan out because he very well may, but In 2 years they could effect their team in a lot more positive way by making other selections this year. I would have drafted some defensive players with these 2 first round draft choices they have this year or the left tackle and defensive player. Play the season out and probably have a high pick next year and draft either Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford or Colt McCoy. I would have rathered to have any of those 3 QB’s than Stafford in a heartbeat. This is why the Lions are the Lions, they need to plan ahead better.

  2. ep

    Hey Socko, thanks for the comment.
    While I agree the Lions need lots of help, this team needs a franchise QB bad.
    I believe Stafford is a franchise QB.
    You don’t get franchise QBs outside of the top five or 10 — I know, Brady and Warner were late, but they are rare examples.
    I read one article today that sold me on Stafford. If he falls to me in the Gods and Generals rookie draft or comes up at the right time in another keeper/dynasty draft I’m going to take him.
    I’m usually not big on the high-buzz players, there have been too many Reggie Bush-like busts, but I believe Stafford’s talent goes beyond that.
    The only concern is that he didn’t raise Georgia’s play while he was there. Then again, he never had someone like Calvin Johnson to throw to either.

  3. ep

    Awesome post.
    I’m not a super Eagles fan, but I do respect the way they run their team.
    It seems that every time a player gets old or isn’t going to work out, they get rid of him and come away with a near equal replacement in the draft.
    I don’t know how they do it, but the evidence is nearly undeniable: Brian Westbrook was an unbelievable third-rounder in 2002, D-Mac in 1999, a year of a bazillion QB busts, Sheldon Brown and Lito Sheppard in 2002 as they let go of two aging star DBs.

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