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Super Bowl matchups and projections: Kickers, team defenses (D/ST) and individual defensive players (IDP)

We complete our Super Bowl coverage with some of the least heralded plays in all of fantasy and daily fantasy.

But anyone who has played fantasy knows defenses and kickers can change the game. Both teams have strong defenses so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if each scored a defensive touchdown AND each forced the opposing team to try more field goals than they normally do.

Neither team is a good matchup for kickers or defenses, but so I didn’t adjust either number.

I found it interesting both kickers — Stephen Gostkowski and Steven Hauschka — came in at about the same number — both 8.3 when rounded up to one decimal place. For our projections, 8.3 is pretty high — it would have been top-10ish in the regular season.

Kicker projections:

Our projection machines team defense projections were surprising. I never expected the Patriots to come in with a higher total than the Seahawks.

This week is going to feature extremely high variance, but both defenses allowed just 4.0 fantasy points per game to opposing defenses over the last five weeks of the regular season. Considering all that, I want the defense with the best chance of scoring a defensive touchdown, which would be the Patriots according to our projections.

Team defense projections:

Our projections machine makes these IDP numbers. Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to do more with them in the future.

You probably don’t have IDPs in your league, but I’m going to compare these projections to the final results from the Super Bowl and see how close they get.

If you played IDP this season, you aren’t surprised to see K.J. Wright, Jamie Collins, Earl Thomas and Bobby Wagner at the top of this board.

IDP projections:

Super Bowl projections: QB/RB | WR/TE | K/DEF/IDP

Drink many beverages, eat many nachos and enjoy the game.

Las Vegas thinks it’ll be one of the closest ever. I sure hope so.

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