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Tag Archive for 'adrian peterson'

First-time DraftKings experience was extremely enjoyable

When I was in college and writing movie reviews for the school newspaper, a new flick starring fairly unknown Matt Damon and Ben Affleck hit the silver screen. Reviewers were raving about Good Will Hunting from the first whiff and advancers filtered through the reviewing world, but I had my doubts. How many movies were [...]

Fantasy Football Daily Games: Matchups to target in Week 7

Fantasy football Week 7 is already here. I don’t know about you, but the crazy performances have led to some highs and lows for me this year in all of my standard teams, but especially on my daily lineups at FanDuel, Draft Kings and Draft Day.

Fantasy football daily games: Picking a winning lineup at FanDuel

Know your roster requirements. Know your scoring. At Chinstrap Ninjas, we chant those things during the fantasy football draft season. The same holds true at daily fantasy sites like FanDuel. But there are a few more nuances when picking a team based on salary cap compared to standard leagues.

Fantasy Football 2012: More predictions, some bold

All day I’ve been thinking about writing a predictions column. As I opened Chinstrap Ninjas, I saw that fellow ninja sensei jzak beat me to the punch. He got to the Doug Martin prediction before I did, but for the most part, a lot of my predictions are different from his. I even have one [...]

2012 Fantasy Football | How Minecraft can make you better at fantasy football: Creepers are the worst

Creepers are really the worst thing about Minecraft. There appearance is akin to hearing or reading the end of report that has your running back’s last name and “left game with knee injury. Will not return” The worst.

Fantasy football 2012: Redraft running back rankings … the top 30

Compared to quarterback or receiver this year, the running back position is about as thick as a one-ply piece of industrial-grade toilet paper. And that is being generous. This is the age of the running back by committee. Teams don’t feel the need to invest super heavily in an elite back and ride him as [...]