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Draft Kings daily fantasy baseball advice
Draft Kings has a ton of great contests in NBA, NHL and Soccer right now. New users who join by clicking this link and deposit cash send a couple cents our way to help keep the fantasy lineup advice coming.

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Offense vs. defense averages: NFL playoffs divisional round

It was a crazy one last week. I was all in on Dez Bryant — he got out everythinged by Cole Beasley again. Someone on Twitter started calling him Cole Beastley. I approve. … Until everyone starts using it in every instance. That should take about three days. I was also all in on Justin [...]

Boom or bust PPR flex (RB/WR/TE) projections for Playoffs Week 1

We have a few things to talk about in this PPR flex projections list. They should affect how you build your daily fantasy teams this week, especially at Draft Kings where receptions are worth a full point. Let’s get to it.

Boom or bust PPR wide receiver projections for NFL Playoffs Week 1

Just like with the PPR running backs we have some marginal changes — Calvin Johnson moves into second, Kelvin Benjamin and Martavis Bryant moved up, etc. But for the most part we’ve handled quite a bit of wide receiver talk in our previous posts this week, mostly in the standard wide receiver projections. Today I [...]

Boom or bust flex (RB/WR/TE) projections for NFL Playoffs Week 1

One of my favorite things every week is paste all of the positions into the same sheet and sort them for the flex rankings. You get to see how deep running back is compared to wide receiver and it’s always interesting to see where Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski fit in.

Boom or bust wide receiver projections for Playoffs Week 1

My quarterback projections column is a kind of primer for the passing matchups in this one, so if you want some more of my thoughts on how the game scripts might play out give it a read. Like I said there, there aren’t a ton of players in the field this week. Several teams are [...]

Boom or bust PPR wide receiver projections for Week 17

I am running super late this week on all fronts. Holiday gatherings and some technical issues at work left me with little time. Sorry for the delay. I’ll stop rambling.

Boom or bust wide receiver projections for Week 17

In Week 17 we have a lot of potential game scripts. Let’s talk about some of them. Just to be clear, I know you might have two-week championship weeks so your season-long team may still be going. But I’m going to focus mostly on daily fantasy football this week, the final week of the NFL [...]