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2015 FANTASY FOOTBALL -- Week 12

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Draft Kings has a ton of great contests in NFL, NBA, NHL and NCAA football right now. New users who join by clicking this link and deposit cash send a couple cents our way to help keep the fantasy advice coming.

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Seeking awesome fantasy team names

We’re working on a cool new project and we need help from the Ninja Army. In the comments, please post the favorite fantasy team name you’ve ever used and the favorite one you’ve ever seen used by an opponent. If you remember, please specify if the name was used in a fantasy baseball or a […]

Letter from the editors: Hey Ninjas, you rock to a power beyond classification

This community rocks so hard that we couldn’t turn our amps up to 11. We’d have to find one that goes to 111. You guys are so awesome that we have to invent a new scale to measure your awesome. And that new scale needs a new word.  My vote goes to Ultramegatacular.

Draft strategy and advice archive

Fantasy Baseball Strategies Draft Strategies, Auction Strategies, Autodraft Strategies and Advice To read the full fantasy baseball stream click here. If you came here looking for rankings, go to our 2012 Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit. 2011 Draft Tools and strategies Smart, simple fantasy baseball draft strategy for 2011 (ep) Joe Mauer is the most overpriced […]

The Tiger Woods strategy to successful fantasy baseball drafting

Want to dominate your fantasy baseball draft? Be more like Tiger Woods. And no, that doesn’t mean you should run around with your neighbor’s wife. Have you ever watched Tiger Woods play golf? Studied his swing, his follow-through, his reaction to a shot? There is a lot to be learned from his demeanor … lessons […]

Fantasy baseball player overview: Looking forward to Heyward

Perhaps it is cabin fever or just needing to get excited about something this spring, but have you checked out Atlanta Braves rookie outfielder Jason Heyward? The dude is 6-foot-4, 220 pounds and can mutilate a baseball better than OreIda can mash a potato. Not impressed? Check this out:

Dynasty Debate: The next elite crop of fantasy RBs

Think sliced bread, indoor plumbing and Chia Pets are special? You ain’t seen nothing yet. We’re on the verge of experiencing something truly amazing in 2010 and beyond. There’s a new stable of able running backs in the NFL, and you can thank an opportunistic bunch of rookie 2009 backs for giving us what will be quite a […]

Studying fantasy baseball player updates a key to success

If you can’t spot the sucker at your in-person fantasy baseball draft before Albert Pujols comes off the board, than you are the sucker. You know the type. It’s that guy sitting by himself, frantically trying to digest every last word of his dog-eared and tattered fantasy baseball magazine before he’s on the clock. He’s […]