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Tag Archive for 'Larry Fitzgerald'

Fantasy football 2012: Time to make some bold predictions

Finally, it is the time of year where we can tap our inner Star Trek. The season is so close, you can smell it like a finely grilled brat at a tailgating party. The rankings are done, many of our respective fantasy teams are drafted and we can continue an annual tradition here at Chinstrap [...]

Fantasy football 2012: Redraft receiver rankings … the top 35

There are some things in life that are just downright unpleasant – things like the sound of a dentist’s drill, stomaching Aunt Bertha’s holiday fruit cake and watching the same Doodlebops episode 10 times in the same week. Add ranking the 2012 crop of fantasy football receivers to that list. The field is just so [...]

Fantasy football offseason: Where Peyton Manning may go, and the value ripple effect

I was seven when I first threw a rock into a still pond and noticed the concentric circles rippling out from where the rock hit the reflective glass-like surface of the water. And of course, the bigger the rock, the larger the ripples. Throw in two rocks, and the wake from the larger one would [...]

Chinstrap Ninjas Fantasy Football Contest: Playoffs Week 5 lineups, Playoffs Week 4 results

My sincerest apologies for the contest’s extreme tardiness this week. It was an absolutely brutal week. Earlier I posted something as I composed the rest of this post just giving everyone as much time as possible to post a lineup. I should have done it earlier in the week, but it never dawned on me. [...]

Fantasy football 2011 | Week 15 wide receiver projections (PPR and non-PPR)

Jordy Nelson, Percy Harvin and Wes Welker are the top three receivers in our sleeper-heavy projections for Week 15

Fantasy football 2011 | Week 14 wide receiver projections (PPR and non-PPR)

Calvin Johnson, Percy Harvin and Wes Welker top our sleeper-heavy wide receiver projections this week.