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Week 8 Offense vs. defense averages
Week 8 projections: (Thursday) QB | RB | WR | TE | FLEX | K | DEF
Week 8 PPR projections: (Friday) RB | WR | TE | FLEX
Week 8 matchup sleepers and busts: (Friday) PASS | RUN | WR1 | WR2 | WR3/4 | TE | RB (rec.)
Week 8 inactives watch (Sunday)

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Week 7 running back receiving matchups: sleepers and busts

These matchups are based on yards allowed, according to Football Outsiders’ defense against receiver types chart. In some cases, the matchups are more reliable because they match up with FO’s Defense-adjusted Value Over Average statistic, which adds in a number of non-fantasy statistics, but is a good indicator about how a team focuses (or loses [...]

Boom or bust PPR flex (RB/WR/TE) projections for Week 7

Some of these projections are a little too close to chalk to call them boom or bust. Sure, Andre Holmes is in the top 10. So is Golden Tate, but there’s a lot more of the top players near the top of this list than we’re accustomed to.

Boom or bust PPR running back projections for Week 7

Well, the PPR projctions are in and done. They seem a little top-heavy. But the Giants, Colts, Dolphins and Falcons are all excellent matchups for pass-catching backs going up against four of this season’s most productive running backs, DeMarco Murray, Giovani Bernard, Matt Forte and Justin Forsett.

Boom or bust flex (RB/WR/TE) projections for Week 7

What? These are just your average, everyday flex rankings with Andre Holmes in the top-10. *nervous laugh* This list is likely to see changes once I adjustments for matchups, but the biggest changes will be in the PPR statistics. Most of my adjustments are made based on defenses’ success/failure against types of wide receivers.

Boom or bust running back projections for Week 7

Our new Las Vegas factor vaulted Le’Veon Bell near the top of our rankings this week. Houston hasn’t been great against the run, but they have moved into the bottom 10 for receiving running backs, so Bell’s reception numbers may need to be dialed down a bit.

Running back receiving matchups for Week 6: Sleepers and busts

While we look at defensive efficiency for the team totals, I’m looking at receptions and yards allowed for the individual matchups rankings. I also like to include some mention of Football Outsiders’ Defense-adjusted Value Over Average. They say DVOA isn’t helpful for fantasy players or at least isn’t as helpful as the yardage and receiving [...]