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Draft Kings daily fantasy baseball advice
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Wide receiver 2 matchups for the divisional round: Sleepers and busts

In the regular season, the matchups highlighted here included only the top 10 and bottom 10 matchups in the league. Now that we have narrowed the field down to only the best teams the matchups are a lot less clear. There’s only one good matchup at a lot of positions. Last week, I limited these [...]

Boom or bust PPR flex (RB/WR/TE) projections for NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round

We’ve spent the PPR projections talking about hidden gems that could provide unexpected performances this weekend. But now that we’re t flex we should probably talk about the star players you’ll have to consider sacrificing a lot of salary for if you want to start them.

Boom or bust flex projections for NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round

Rob Gronkowski is in the mix and one of the first things I do when I paste all of the positions that can fit in a flex into the same spreadsheet is see where he fits in. This week, Gronk rumbles in at No. 9 overall. He would be the No. 5 wide receiver which [...]

Boom or bust wide receiver projections for NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round

It says something about how terrific a player was this season if they don’t get any matchup boosts and still pace the field in such a small field with such a high talent level. Jordy Nelson was terrific all season and I don’t care if Aaron Rodgers or Matt Flynn is in there., Nelson will [...]

Wide receiver 1 matchups for Wild Card Weekend: Sleepers and busts

There’s a short slate this week, so these matchups will be brief. I’m going to highlight two plus matchups and two minus matchups per position. I have high confidence in these matchups and look at statistical data for the season, the last five weeks, the last three weeks and adjusted data, like Football Outsiders’ Defense-adjusted [...]

Boom or bust PPR flex (RB/WR/TE) projections for Playoffs Week 1

We have a few things to talk about in this PPR flex projections list. They should affect how you build your daily fantasy teams this week, especially at Draft Kings where receptions are worth a full point. Let’s get to it.

Boom or bust PPR wide receiver projections for NFL Playoffs Week 1

Just like with the PPR running backs we have some marginal changes — Calvin Johnson moves into second, Kelvin Benjamin and Martavis Bryant moved up, etc. But for the most part we’ve handled quite a bit of wide receiver talk in our previous posts this week, mostly in the standard wide receiver projections. Today I [...]