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Tag Archive for 'Vernon Davis'

Fantasy football 2012: Time to make some bold predictions

Finally, it is the time of year where we can tap our inner Star Trek. The season is so close, you can smell it like a finely grilled brat at a tailgating party. The rankings are done, many of our respective fantasy teams are drafted and we can continue an annual tradition here at Chinstrap [...]

Fantasy football 2012: Redraft tight end rankings … the top 18

Alliteration is one of my favorite writing tools. Want to make a reptile sound more sinister? Describe it as a slithery, slinking snake. Say that phrase three times really fast. You can almost hear a snake hissing its disapproval. Or what about Gary’s goldfish gulping grapes greedily? Who cares if goldfish don’t eat grapes – [...]

Fantasy football offseason: Where Peyton Manning may go, and the value ripple effect

I was seven when I first threw a rock into a still pond and noticed the concentric circles rippling out from where the rock hit the reflective glass-like surface of the water. And of course, the bigger the rock, the larger the ripples. Throw in two rocks, and the wake from the larger one would [...]

Chinstrap Ninjas 2011-2012 fantasy football contest: Playoffs Week 4 lineups, Playoffs Week 3 results

Team Name Here extended his slight lead over Dante Bruno this week but Cartisimo was the biggest mover. Cartisimo claimed the Conference Championship Week title and moved into fourth-place in the overall race. As usual, skip to the comments to post a lineup for this week’s game — the Pro Bowl — or read on to [...]

Fantasy football 2011-2012 Playoffs Week 3 | AFC and NFC Conference Championship projections

NFL Conference Championship weekend is one of the best weekends of the year. We’ve got some projections and talking points for the players who are expected to make an impact this week.

Fantasy football 2011-2012 NFL Playoffs Week 3 | Conference Championship fantasy cheat sheet update

Who loves a good championship weekend? This is my favorite football weekend of the year, even when the Giants are out of the playoffs. I will be fist-pumping when the Giants score today, however, any combination of these four teams should make for a fun Super Bowl on Feb. 5. As we have done in [...]