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The 2011 fantasy baseball early ADP Top 20

It’s been some days since we talked about the 2011 Fantasy Baseball ADP Top 10. If you don’t remember, you could check the story beyond the link.

This article takes a look at the rest of the ADP Top 20. Position rankings are brewing, but if you can’t wait, jzak’s got quite a collection started. You can check them all out by going to our 2011 Fantasy Baseball Rankings hub.

Just like with the ADP Top 10, these rankings are listed in order of their average draft position from Mock Draft Central.

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The 2011 fantasy baseball early ADP Top 20

(Number in parentheses is current ADP)

11. Ryan Braun (11.79) — One of only a few legit five-category studs. He could hit 30 homers and give you 15 steals.

12. Josh Hamilton (12.00) — His draft position is likely a little inflated because of his MVP performance. He is a legit four-category player and deserves to be drafted in this round, but I’d like to see him have consecutive healthy seasons at this production level.

13. Roy Halladay (14.89) — Without question, Halladay is the No. 1 pitcher in 2011. He deserves the honor, but considering how many good to excellent pitchers there were in 2010 it is really difficult to recommend picking a starting pitcher this early.

14. Mark Teixeira (15.13) — Expected his ADP to be a little higher. Teixeira disappointed a lot of fantasy owners last year but went 100-33-100. He could be a steal here.

15. Carl Crawford (15.28) — Crawford is a five-cat cat, but unfortunately he’s only getting you 15 home runs. Draft Crawford here and you’ll be scrambling to make up the 15 homers the rest of your leaguemates got this round. It’s easier to make up 30 steals than it is to make up 15 homers.

16. Alex Rodriguez (15.92) — A-Rod is aging, but is still good for 75-30-120-.280 at a scarce position.

17. Ryan Howard (16.76) — A rare player who is still capable of a 50-homer, 140-RBI campaign. That’s worth a mid- to late-second.

18. Chase Utley (16.74) — The Phillies’ star is just a year removed from 100-30-90-20-.280. He needs to stay off the shelf if he wants to approach those numbers again.

19. Ryan Zimmerman (20.57) — Zimmerman is only 26 and has 100-30-100-.300 potential. That already makes him more valuable than a couple guys on this list. If the Nationals live up to their promise, he could go for 120 RBI.

20. Joe Mauer (20.85) — I can’t believe people are still drafting catchers in the first two rounds, especially Mauer. The Twins backstop will always be better in real baseball than fantasy. Yes, he’s going to hit .340, but he’s never going to hit more than 15 homers in a season again. Be happy if you get 10. The next four hitters (Matt Holliday, Prince Fielder, Matt Kemp and Jose Reyes) will do more for your fantasy team than Mauer in 2011.

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