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The Sock Exchange: 2009 points allowed by team to RBs

Sorry for the tax season hiatus of writing articles.  Have to make money when you can.  Anyway, a special thank you to the good Lord above for the unexpected snow day off.  It allowed me time to compile the stats needed for this article.  Points are based on 1 pt per ten yards rushing and receiving, -2 pts per fumble, and 6 pts per touchdown.

Here are the 2009 team rankings for fantasy points given up to running backs from worst to first:

Oakland                       369

Buffalo                           367

Kansas City                  366

Saint Louis                   358

Cleveland                     349

Detroit                          335

Tampa Bay                   332

Seattle                          314

New Orleans                307

Carolina                       306

Tennessee                    289

Indianapolis                  277

Denver                         276

Chicago                        275

Houston                       272

San Diego                    272

Arizona                        266

Atlanta                         262

New York Giants         262

Miami                           256

Philadelphia                  255

San Francisco               247

Cincinnati                     239

Washington                  238

New England                232

Jacksonville                  230

New York Jets             229

Dallas                           216

Baltimore                      188

Green Bay                    176

Pittsburgh                     175

Minnesota                    166

Here is one tidbit to pass along after examining the weekly stats that compile these rankings:

  • The Houston defense gave up 108 of the 272 points in the first 3 weeks of the season.  This could have been the time for Brian Cushing to get healthy and acclimated to the NFL.  If you take the remaining points, 164 in 13 games, and extrapolate that ratio to a 16-game season, Houston would project to 201 points for the year.  That is enough to put them in the top 5 stingiest defenses to running backs.

2 Responses to “The Sock Exchange: 2009 points allowed by team to RBs”

  1. jzak


    As usual, thanks for the great stats. Unlike some of the others you’ve produced, there were little surprises here. Many expected heading into the 2009 season that Minnesota, Baltimore and Pittsburgh would have some of the most formidible run defenses, while Buffalo, St. Louis, KC and the Browns would provide a statistical bonanza to opposing RBs.

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