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The Sock Exchange – 2010.01

This year there is going to be a greater effort here at The Sock Exchange to put out relevant fantasy football information and intelligence for you the fantasy football aficionado.

These next few weeks, I will look back statistically at the 2009 football season and try to give fantasy players some useful stats to use in order to begin the 2010 season.

First I thought I would delve into the defenses as this is one of those often overlooked items on the fantasy roster.

The following stat chart represents the defensive points that opposing teams received off of the listed teams in the chart.

For example, the first team listed is St. Louis. If you could have played the defense that was playing Saint Louis’ offense each week, your defense would have scored you 228 fantasy points in 2009. The fantasy points in this example are based on Yahoo’s standard defensive scoring along with 6 points for each Special Teams Return TD.

1. Saint Louis 228

2. Detroit 195

3. Oakland 183

4. Buffalo 170

5. Washington 169

6. Carolina 166

7. Cleveland 166

8. Kansas City 162

9. Tampa Bay 161

10. Pittsburgh 159

11. Jacksonville 150

12. Seattle 146

13. New York Jets 139

14. Denver 132

15. Arizona 126

16. Chicago 123

17. Miami 121

18. Cincinnati 120

19. San Francisco 119

20. Houston 111

21. Atlanta 111

22. New York Giants 111

23. Tennessee 102

24. Baltimore 100

25. Philadelphia 99

26. Dallas 90

27. Green Bay 89

28. Minnesota 88

29. New England 86

30. New Orleans 86

31. Indianapolis 67

32. San Diego 60

Here are a few things to note from these statistics: Cleveland only allowed 25 points to opposing defenses over the last 7 weeks of the season. They could be heading more in the right direction for 2010 … The bottom nine teams on this list all qualified for the playoffs in the NFL this year.

This chart can be used for the early going of 2010 in playing the best waiver wire available defense strategy.

I plan to also roll out over the next few weeks the points allowed by teams to QBs, RBs, WRs, and TEs. For 2010 I plan to show how these charts move through a new season. Hopefully the charts will provide some useful information for people making those tough start/sit decisions.

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  1. Jay-Mo

    Like the early ’80s Jets reference, although it did make me throw up in my mouth a little.

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