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The Sock Exchange: Points given up to quarterbacks

Whew!  That took some compiling of stats, but finally got it accomplished.  These numbers are based on 1 pt/25 yards passing, 6pts/passing TD,-2 pts/interception or fumble and 1pt/10 yards rushing.

This is the second part of my series on what teams gave up fantasy points-wise to each position.  This time we look at how many points were given up to the opposing team’s quarterbacks in 2009. 

The table below runs from most points to least points:

Detroit                 360
Tennessee           318
NY Giants           309
Jacksonville         304
Miami                   298
Chicago               297
Atlanta                293
Cleveland           288
Seattle                 286
Saint Louis         283
Minnesota          280
Tampa Bay         270
Kansas City        263
Philadelphia      255
Pittsburgh          254
Green Bay          253
New England     253
Arizona               250
San Diego            242
Dallas                    240
Oakland               240
Houston               234
Washington        229
Indianapolis       228
Cincinnati            225
Baltimore             209
San Francisco    208
New Orleans       188
Denver                 182
Carolina               169
Buffalo                  146
NY Jets                116

Some items of interest I discovered while compiling these stats:

  • Indianapolis was one of the top defenses against QBs until several of its defensive backs were injured for the season.
  • Surprisingly,  Buffalo, Carolina, and Denver were 3 of the top 5 stingiest defenses for a QB to face in 2009.

Up next on the schedule, I will examine the team stats versus the running backs.

9 Responses to “The Sock Exchange: Points given up to quarterbacks”

  1. Jay-Mo

    It makes me sick to see Miami ranked so poorly on this list, although it doesn’t surprise me.

    I’m glad to see Denver is well represented, especially since Miami is getting its old defensive coordinator.

  2. jzak

    Wonder how much better Green Bay would have fared on this list if they had gelled earlier in the season. They were lights-out the last couple regular-season games.

  3. jzak

    BTW … thanks for compiling these stats. They are pretty interesting and give a unique perspective for team defenses. For example, who would have thought that the second-best team in terms of limiting opposing QB production?

  4. sockonfl

    Thanks guys for reviewing my stats. It took a lot longer than any can imagine to put this list together. For the 2010 season, I plan on rolling these stats out on a weekly basis so that people can use the info to make informed start/sit decisions. Then people can really put this info to good use. No other site I have seen offers this. Has anyone seen it elsewhere on the web?

  5. jzak

    I haven’t seen it anywhere. Would be a useful tool … especially after a few weeks have been played and stats have a chance to average out.

  6. ep

    Thanks Socko. I haven’t seen any postseason compilations, but I did some “fantasy points allowed by position” posts to begin the season…but didn’t get any comments so I scrapped it.
    Thanks for reading, guys. :)

  7. Sockonfl

    @ep: ep: I liked that you did this in week 2 and was hoping you would do it more through the year. I will tackle the project next year and see how it goes. Hopefully the ninjas can provide relevent fantasy info that you can’t find anywhere else. Like all of our posts.

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