2016 Draft Kit

Want a chance to win $100,000 playing fantasy football for just $5?

First-time Draft Kings players who sign up and deposit at least $5 using this link get a free $20 entry into this weekend’s (Jan. 10, 2015) $700,000 Divisional Clash. Top prize is $100,000, second place is $50,000. Finish in the top-10 and you get at least $5,000. Finish in the top 20% and you get $40. That’s an awesome opportunity for just $5.

The other cool thing is that this also gets me a $20 entry. Again, please use this link to sign up (or the link above) or the offer won’t work. Make your first deposit of at least $5. If, like me, you’re always seeking best value for your money, think of it this way: Your $5 deposit is actually worth $40 — $20 for you and $20 for me. That’s a pretty good deal.

If you’ve been thinking about joining Draft Kings and you haven’t yet, please sign up before this weekend’s contest. That $20 entry for me would be a cool thank you for all of the free boom and bust projections and matchup sleepers and busts this season.

We will, of course, continue our NFL boom-or-bust projections until all of your leagues are over this year.

AND I’m continuing to learn the NBA ropes and will start sharing my thoughts, ideas and resources very soon. Possibly this weekend. It won’t be as extensive as our fantasy football coverage, but we’ll also offer daily fantasy baseball content come spring. So if you turn your $20 into $40 or $100,000, we’ll have content to help you continue to grow your bankroll.

One last thing: Sorry for this post. I receive these emails from Draft Kings regularly. I don’t like to push offers like this on you. Yeah, we do have our partner link in a lot of places. Clicking that link gets us a few fractions of a cent and new players who deposit money directly after signing up after clicking that link gets us a small percentage of what you deposit.

But this time, the email offer was too good. There’s too much value there for you and me to pass up.

If you sign up using my personal link and get your free entry, leave your Draft Kings name in the comments section. If you’ve signed up already and you read this, you can also leave your Draft Kings name in the comments section. I’m epcn, which is similar to my Twitter handle, @epCN.

How many Chinstrap Ninjas can we get in this contest? More importantly, which Chinstrap Ninja is going to win this contest?

Look for offense vs. defense averages tomorrow, followed by boom or bust projections and matchup sleepers and busts starting Friday.

Thanks for reading and considering this offer. Have fun and may all variance be in your favor this week.

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