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Week 12 early fantasy football rankings: QB, RB, WR, TE, FLEX, K, DEF

There are more Ps and Qs next to player names this week than I’d like to count. It seems like a lot more than I remember from other seasons. But it also seems like questionable players play more often.

You’ll want to figure out if you want to play players from tonight’s Titans-Jaguars game.

It’s projected to be the fifth-lowest scoring game of the week, but there quite a few fantasy implications for both season-long and weekly players. I went over the biggest matchups in our projected scores/Las Vegas column. I have a couple daily fantasy lineups featuring players from the game — mostly the Titans defense.

As always check late NFL news at a site like Rotoworld to make sure games are being played and players are in lineups.

Our rankings will be updated early Sunday morning and don’t always reflect final starting lineups.

Week 12 final updated rankings: QB, RB, WR, TE, FLEX, K, D/ST
Week 12 early rankings: QB, RB, WR, TE, FLEX, K, D/ST
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Week 12 early rankings

Use the tabs at the bottom to cycle through positions. Use the arrows at bottom right to find more positions.

Early ranking notes


Yo, don’t get so upset about that Brian Hoyer fourth-place ranking. Wait until our Draft Kings sleepers and values when he’s our top quarterback. Dude’s not exactly stellar, but he’s throwing to a wide receiver who puts receiving records in jeopardy every week but now gets to face the worst pass defense in the NFL, the Saints, who are also an uncommon opponent.

Cam Newton at 7th might be a head-scratcher for you. Don’t worry, I have him starting in my season-longs and I have a couple Newton lineups in daily. HOWEVER, he is coming off a massive game, is playing on the road and all of the sharp bettors are picking the Cowboys to win this thing despite Las Vegas’ odds.

You can only get Cam and Matthew Stafford if you play daily fantasy Thanksgiving games. I’m telling you you should probably play Thanksgiving games this week, especially because of Stafford. He could crush it this week against an Eagles team that is spiraling into oblivion. Plus, you need something to talk to Uncle Rufus about after the pumpkin pie is all gone.

Running backs

DEMARCO! at one after last week’s big disappointment? Sorry, that is the case. The Eagles are terrible, he might end up being terrible, but isn’t stopping me from having him all over the place in daily fantasy Thanksgiving games.

Don’t freak about T.J. Yeldon in the top five either. He’s got a great matchup and he’s eating home-cooking.

That Thomas Rawls ranking though. … I think that might change by the end of the week. The Steelers have been pretty good against the run. I guess it’s all about our Russell Wilson expectations. There’s still research to do, but count me in for now.

Wide receivers

Speaking of putting up big numbers. Pay up this week, Ninja. DeAndre Hopkins should be a staple in every one of your cash game lineups. I wouldn’t be upset if you put him in your GPPS. And go ahead and create a couple free contests and put him in those too.

Calvin. Johnson. You can only get him in Thanksgiving daily fantasy games. Like his quarterback, I suggest you have a Thanksgiving lineup or two just to get him in there.

You know who else is going to have a great week? Anto… no, Stevie Johnson. Wait, who scratched that record? Philip Rivers has to throw to someone. Johnson was a massive disappointment last week, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he responds and goes huge this week.

Seriously, though, Antonio Brown is probably someone you should consider playing this week. Seattle hasn’t been as dominant as they’ve been in the past and even when they were dominant they struggled against smaller receivers like Brown. Also, as long as that Ben Roethlisberger guy is on the field, Brown is a threat to set some fantasy lineups on fire. That’s a good fire, not like a Devonta Freeman concussion-fueled Dumpster fire from Week 11.

Tight ends

I asked in our projected scores/best matchups/Las Vegas post, “Wouldn’t it be like Bill Belichick to withhold targets from Rob Gronkowski almost all season then have him blow up for 12 catches, 200 yards and three TDs against the top pass defense in the NFL?” Rhetorical!

Gronk, Greg Olsen, Tyler Eifert, Delanie Walker, Jordan Reed, yawn. Where’s the boom or bust here, ep? Well, how about this one. When we reconfigure for Draft Kings, Heath Miller rockets to the top of the chart. The very top. And he’s not really close to anyone else.

Also, don’t yawn on Delanie. This is a Delanie week, which also means it might be a Marcus Mariota week.

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