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You will play fantasy football for $1 million at Draft Kings on Sunday after reading this

I hope you’ve already locked in a spot in the Millionaire Maker contest — with a top prize of $1 million and $1.2 million in other prizes — at Draft Kings this week. But I fear you probably haven’t. I didn’t sign up until Friday afternoon, probably for a lot of the same reasons why you haven’t signed up.

But if you’re here, right now, reading this column, you need to play in this tournament. I’m going to give you a bunch of reasons why you have to play. I can give you no reasons why you shouldn’t play.

Here’s reason No. 1: You will never have a better opportunity to turn $27 into $1 million.

Last season at Draft Kings I won $449 and played all season long. Some of that helped pay for my vacation. It also helped me recharge at FanDuel. … A couple times. I had one good week at Draft Kings and a handful of decent weeks.

I’m no DFS shark. I’m a slow, plodding grinder. I reckon a shark is going to win this tournament on Sunday. At $27 per team, many of the top daily players are going to roster 20 teams.

BUT, and it’s a huge one, you still have to play in this tournament.

Did you purchase a lottery ticket in the last year? PowerBall gets up to $300 million and you drop $2 into the pool at work, right? Chances of winning those things are about the same as getting struck by lightning while being chased by a three-legged polar bear in the desert: 1 in 175,223,510.

Maybe you play $1 in one of your state’s games, hoping to win $100,000. I play one like that a couple times a week. It’s cool to dream about what you might do with $100,000 of expendable cash. The odds for that one: 1 in 962,598.

In the Millionaire Maker you’re going to face 92,400 other participants. We’ve already cut the odds in your favor by more than 870,000. But this is fantasy football. You can affect your odds even more because you determine your starting lineup.

If you’re here at Chinstrap Ninjas it means you’re looking for a different perspective on fantasy football. You’ve graduated from the chalk opinions and rankings at the mainstream sites. You are an above average fantasy football player looking for an edge, likely because you’re playing against a bunch of other above average players or you’re playing in daily leagues and looking for anything that will push you into that top 10% range.

There are going to be a lot of below-average players in this tournament because it’s for $1 million. Any one of those players has a chance at winning, but you have a better chance.

I ‘d speculate you’re better than at least a third of the players who will roster teams. Forget that, you’re better than half of them. We just increased your odds again, down to about 1 in 46,000.

Yes, you still have to pick the correct players and have those players live up to expectations while all of the other players live down to your expectations. But you do that every week anyway, right? You’ve probably been doing it for years, decades even.

So, let me ask, when will you ever — EVER — have a better opportunity to turn $27 into  $1 million?

Second place is $100,000. Third is $50,000. Finish in the top 50 and you’re taking home at least $1,000.

Please sign up. I don’t care if you beat my score. If I don’t win I hope it’s you. In either case, I hope as many people as possible take advantage of this amazing opportunity in this hobby we love and obsess over every week.

I will have more DFS advice this weekend. Let’s see if the Chinstrap Ninjas community can win this thing.

When you decide to play, if you haven’t already created a Draft Kings account, please click this like, or the any other “Draft King“s in this article. They’re all partner links. You sign up and make a deposit on that visit, Draft Kings throws us some change. It’ll help us pay site fees. Alas, we’re still a long way from enough funding to help jzak with his trading addiction. This is not a paid advertisement. They haven’t given us a penny. But we do endorse their product because it is awesome.

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